Fashionable clothing tips

Clothes in Black and White

You stand in front of the wardrobe in the morning and just cannot find anything to wear. A combination does not match, the next outfit you do not feel well. No wonder – since women make in choosing their wardrobe make repeatedly the same error.

Most women have too many clothes

“Most women do not have enough in your closet, but too much,” says the Darmstadt colour and style consultant SilkeMeck. “This makes it confusing, and that makes it so difficult to find the perfect outfit. Most women buy an outfit, without looking at possible combinations,” says style consultant. So best considered to be now when, at what skirts or pants that you already have in the closet that could fit new sweater.

There is a lack of accessories

From the clothes closet is overflowing, this something else is missing: “Many women have too little accessories,” says Meck. Here these little things can make a big difference: “Another chain can completely transform an outfit.” The nice thing about jewellery and scarves is that for little money you can create great combination possibilities.

If you feel uncomfortable in an outfit, maybe it is for the colour. Especially with the classic black and white colours, which are probably to be found in almost every wardrobe, you should be careful. “The colour white represents only a very few people,” warns expert. A good alternative to black is dark blue: “This colour almost anyone can wear.”

Combine several colours

SilkeMeck advises to leave more colour in your wardrobe. “Often, a basic colour such as black combined with only a colourful colour,” she says. Since then, the pink blouse, for example, the black pants worn – but the blazer is then black again. “It could also very well wear a purple blazer.”

However, that would not trust most women know the style consultant from experience. However, you should know that colour attracts the eye. Therefore, it should rather not to wear colourful pants, but choose here a subtle tone and a colour top.