Clothes for women with large breasts

A white blouse

Two styling tips first: Let the top buttons open and roll up your sleeves. Choose a wide blouse when you want to hide a small belly. To a short or long skirt, the blouse can also be tied together like the front. The blouse is when you put a pair of pants with a high waist worn inside. Serve with Pumps: The stretched!

A ruched dress

Ideally, it is with a V-neck. So the dress falls in a light line as possible, it should be made of gossamer fabric, for example, as muslin or crepe de chine. A simple but beautiful detail is a figure-accentuating belt at the waist. If you have strong arms is to use a model with long, baggy sleeves or short puff sleeves.

A woman jumpsuit (as short or long pants)

Opt for a chic one piece from an unusual material (silk or very soft felt). What colour? Gary or emerald green, so as not to slip into the sportswear look. This outfit is incredibly elegant. Therefore, you can allow an exclusive accessory: for example, a vintage bag with chain application or several long necklaces over each other to decorate the neckline. Short or long pants? If you have wide hips, we recommend a short jumpsuit. For thin legs, a pair of trousers, tight at the ankle are good.

A straight skirt with high waist

You have a slim waist. Then you wear a fitted shape! To bring to bear is particularly beautiful legs to recommend a short skirt…

Cool looks for large breasts:

A satin dress

Italian sensuality with glamorous effect. For example, the creation of Dolce &Gabbana with an inlaid corset for support and a fantastic cleavage is impressive. With thin straps, the entire upper body looks much slimmer. Black silk satin reminiscent of a romantic lingerie style. The knee-length version is suitable for all women.

A silk blouse

The lightweight fabric glides smoothly over the skin and leaves your breasts and bra to shine through subtly. Enter the elegant disco-style with a vest or a little black jacket as a final touch!